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Going to the Atlanta Gift Show is like being on a giant treasure hunt. You never know what you're going to find. Truth be told, the days are long and grueling. It's a lot of mileage to cover in just a few days and it's mentally and physically exhausting but... I love going to market and immersing myself in new products for the shop. And I love to meet up with new vendors, along with those that are like family now since our relationship spans over two decades. Meeting the faces and hearts behind all the things that appear on our shelves gives them a whole new value when the big brown truck delivers them to us. You get to see so much that inspires you, so many design-driven brands. It's really necessary to stay ahead of what's trending. It's great to be among other shop keepers who also share the same love of retail and small business. It's fun to share ideas, products and dreams with people who know where you're coming from. It can be daunting to go spend loads of money on your business in the slowest month of the year. It's a huge investment and not inexpensive to attend but it's so, so worth it.
I always take a ton of pictures. Mostly to be able to recall everything I stumbled upon but also my pics are like a journal that I don't have to take time to stop and write in. It's useful to remind me of display ideas, or clever marketing techniques that I would never in a million years remember if I didn't pause to snap a pic. (What did we ever do with out smart phones?) And it's great to be able to show all of you what trade shows are all about but more importantly, what's arriving in the coming weeks so we have something to look forward to while we're all stuck in the house during this dreary winter.
So, won't you take a walk with me to see what I found?

Bath bombs galore...


Farm House Fresh.. coming soon!

Some of our favorites - shower bursts, Plum Island Soap, shower steamers, Natural Life.


New Thymes Spring home collection... look at this chic kitchen! 


Fun pool floats, cute pj sets, Paddy Wax candles and super fun night shirts.


Always a delight to see Beekman's showroom. Never disappoints!


Funny finds and creative displays, so inspiring!


Simplistic but so romantically pretty, Lollia and Cottage Greenhouse.


Garden Party, anyone? Two's Co's showroom is a must-see always!


Meet me at the Oyster Bar! Amazing work again by Two's.


No shortage of snarky, humorous personal accessories... some have already arrived here!


Get ready for fun hair and pedi kits, sponges and loads of cute stuff for the youngsters!


Having a shopkeeper friend also in the market for new merchandise by your side and just as silly as you are is a plus!


Delighted to get off our feet and enjoy some southern hospitality while we go over all the new lines we found. Whew!

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Thanks for strolling (and scrolling!) with me!

See you at the store!









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