The Real Dirt on Bar Soap

It's all in a lather...
Many people have strong wine preferences... white or red? Some lean toward brown eggs over white. Others think laundry powders are better than liquid. Six of one, half-dozen of the other.
The politics of the bar soap seem similarly split. If you grew up using body wash, your hand instinctively reaches for a container full of sweet-smelling liquid. But many others feel they aren’t really clean unless they’ve lathered up with a bar of soap.
If you're in this camp, this Beauty Buzz Blog is for you!
We pride ourselves in catering to all cleansing preferences. Indeed, all our bath and body collections feature bar soap and body wash.
The soaps stocks fall into two categories: glycerin and triple-milled.

Here's the difference:
Soaps in the glycerin (also sometimes spelled glycerine) category are made with humectant glycerin, an all-vegetable ingredient that draws moisture to the skin while it cleanses away impurities. The translucent nature of glycerin gives the soap a colorful gem-like quality. This formula also offers excellent fragrance retention, the ability to keep skin hydrated, and provides a wonderful lather. Discover the beauty of glycerin soap with the Eucalyptus Bar Soap and Lavender Bar Soap.

Also made from all-vegetable ingredients, this gently moisturizing soap goes through a “French” milling process to make it ultra-creamy and rich. Most of our bar soaps are made through this French triple-milled process, which means the formula goes through three stages of refinement to disperse the ingredients evenly throughout the bar. This process ensures that the skin-conditioning soaps provide a luxurious bathing experience from first to last use. Customer favorite triple-milled soaps include Olive Leaf Bar Soap and Goldleaf Bar Soap.

These energizing, deep-cleansing bars scrub away dirt and exfoliate the body for clean, smooth, healthy skin. Sea Salt Soap & Seaweed Soap Made in RI

Bar soaps lather best when used with warm water. Take the soap and rub it between your hands for a few seconds to generate a lather and apply to either your washcloth, loofah, or even directly to the body. Continue to lather until the desired cleanliness is achieved and rinse thoroughly.
Proper storage in between uses is key to helping your bar soap live its longest life. Keep the bar in a spot that allows any excess water to drain, such as on a soap lift , a wire rack, or somewhere that doesn’t collect water. The bar should be able to dry between uses to prevent cracking and color degradation, keeping the bar looking and performing its best.

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See you at the store!


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