Don't Leave Your Skin Out In The Cold!

These cold winter months can wreak havoc on your skin.  Almost everyone that stops in the shop these days is asking the same question:  What can I do to counteract the effects that winter has taken on my skin leaving it ultra-dry, flaky, irritable and dull and how can I get my skin back to a healthy glow?

Luckily, we have the remedies you need to give your outer layer a reboot and leave your skin rebalanced, soft and supple again. The plan is simple but consistent: exfoliation followed by nourishment.

Start with an exfoliant. To ease flaking skin, exfoliate often with a gentle, nourishing scrub such as JAVA Body Coffee Bean and Raw Sugar Scrub.  Organic roasted and green coffee scrub off dull, dry skin while argan, safflower and sweet almond oil hydrate and heal.


If you are a fan of something a little sweeter, try our Primal Elements Sugar Body Whips in scents like Cupcake, Pumpkin Spice or maybe Pineapple Rum (think: I'm not in the frozen Tundra, I'm on a tropical island!) making sure to give special attention to the driest spots (for me it’s elbows, knees and ankles), then rinse.  The lather and fragrance is amazing as pure cane sugar makes it a triple threat; it exfoliates, cleanses and moisturizes all in one!

While still damp and warm, slather on a layer of one of our many body lotions or serums to nourish tissue and seal in moisture.  We only stock brands that we have tried ourselves and stand behind.  There's a lot to choose from!  Here's a few I recommend.  


Beekman 1802 Honey Orange Blossom Whipped Goat Milk Body Cream with essential ingredients of shea butter (protects, moisturizes and soothes skin) and goat milk (rich in vitamins and gentle on the skin). Sulfate and paraben free, pure and simple.



Thymes Aqua Coralline Body Lotion. Shea butter, olive-based squalane and humectant glycerin emollients lavishly moisturizes and leaves skin renewed and restored with the sea buckthorn and kelp extracts flowing through a light clean fragrance.

JAVA’s Body Serum is specially formulated with small molecules to penetrate into the skin and create a moisture barrier to keep your skin feeling good all day long without a greasy residue.

Hot showers and baths always feel good in the winter, but when you can, particularly when just washing your face or hands, choose lukewarm water to avoid stripping  away natural oils from the skin.

Be sure to drink plenty of water and eat foods high in water content to help hydrate your skin from the inside out. Try watermelon, cantaloupe, apples, oranges, kiwi, and watery veggies like celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and carrots. 

Lastly, I highly recommend while getting your beauty rest, be sure to turn on your humidifier to keep your skin from drying out over night while the heat in our homes is running around the clock.

I hope these tips help to insure your skin stays moist and healthy through the rest of these harsh winter months.  

Stay warm and see you at the store!  

XO Lori

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