Beauty Juice Juice Cleanse Shower Gel Set
Fashion Angels

Beauty Juice Juice Cleanse Shower Gel Set

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Who says the juicing trend has to stay in the kitchen? The Juice Cleanse Shower Gel Set from Fashion Angels brings loads of fun and your favorite fresh fruit and veggie scents to bath time. This fun set includes 3 flavors of body wash: "Turnip the Beet" scented with strawberry and beet, "Orange You Glad" scented with carrot and orange, and "Mean Green" scented with avocado and kiwi. This three pack of shower gels are brightly colored and include 6.76 fl oz of each scent for many shower uses. Use whichever scent you like depending on your mood. This set is a great gift idea for all your juice loving friends! Set includes 3 body washes that are 6.76 fl oz ea in giftable packaging.

Ages 8+

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